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Empirical evidence for the hierarchy of preferences: Applications for practitioners and researchers By Mina Barimany Carl Jung understood the significance of paradox, and those who have read his original work know that this ‘tension between opposites’ pervades much of his writing and theory.  It seems fitting then, that in order to move the theory forward, […]

Interaction Styles and the Digital Age

by Catherine Stothart I have found when coaching leaders in different organisations that they share two challenges – the “email epidemic” (Cary Cooper) and “meeting madness” (Harvard Business Review).  These distract them from their real work, take up their time, and get in the way of them being effective. The email epidemic causes them to […]

Are Body & Type Inseparable Like Bonnie & Clyde?

We live in a digital age and Type does not seem to flourish as a concept as it used to. If we connect to the original meaning of digital, digital means 0 or 1, true or false. The real world outside or inside of us is an analogic one where every piece of information whether […]

The Value of Type Diversity in Work

(Adapted from The MBTI® Tool as a Gateway to Diversity Work, Katherine & Elizabeth Hirsh. 2003) “What people have in common is that they are unique; everyone is a minority of one.” Harris Sussman, speech to United Auto Workers, Detroit, April 20th, 1999 What does the opening quotation signify in terms of your practice? It […]

Hashtag: Consciousness

By Dario Nardi What is consciousness? We know how it feels to gain or lose it, such as when we wake in the morning. We can be half-conscious, too, or have impaired consciousness from alcohol or drugs, or act mindlessly, such as while driving to a familiar place or acting out a childhood behavior. In […]

Dystopia or Utopia? You Decide

The Impact of the Digital Age on Psychological Type By John Hackston and David Hunt A debate around the use of information technology, and how this affects society and individuals, is nothing new, but has risen to new levels in the last couple of years. People are worried about data privacy and the unethical use […]

Frogs, Kettles, and Bandwidth Buckets

By Dr Jane Kise and Ann C Holm While no amphibians were harmed in writing this article … have you heard about putting frogs into kettles? If the water is boiling hot, they’ll try to jump right out. But if it’s warm, they’ll swim around happily and not notice if you gradually turn up the […]

Social Media – building walls or bridges?

By Catherine Stothart Social media is a good thing. Social media is a bad thing. Discuss.  Sounds like a question on a university philosophy paper.  And the answer of course is that it can be both good and bad, depending on how it is used and for what purposes. It’s easy to find positive examples […]

Who We Are is How We Move

I’ve just been listening to our most recent ‘In Conversation With‘ interview, when Jean-Luc Dupont (INFP) was talking with BAPT Board member Richard Owen about the ways he had developed to work with type and help clients be clear about who they are. There were so many fascinating new thoughts! In common with many of […]

APTi ‘Type Luminaries’ series

The Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) invites you to join them for a year-long conversation with some of Type’s most renowned luminaries. APTi is hosting 90-minute talks on the 4th Monday of each month* noon to 2:30 p.m. EST. 2018 schedule* Jan. 22 – Linda Berens: Integration of Multiple Lenses Feb. 26 – Hile Rutledge: […]

What use is BAPT membership abroad?

During a chat last week, a friend and fellow Type enthusiast said ‘I’m not in the UK, so I guess there isn’t much point in joining BAPT’. Initially I agreed, but then I got to thinking. It’s possible some of this is unknown to existing members too! The first of two main benefits is reduced […]

Drop In On Our Conversations!

As a Trustee for the British Association for Psychological Type Richard Owen‘s latest project is a series of 30 min webinars, where he will be interviewing various experts and innovators from the Psychological Type community. Richard says: “I always enjoyed radio shows such as ‘A Life Scientific’ and ‘Desert Island Discs’, where we get a […]

When Personality Type Meets NLP

(By David Hodgson, reprinted from TypeFace Winter 2017) The two models of the world I’ve found most useful in my personal and working life are personality type and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Both help people be better at being people. In my session at the BAPT Conference I’d like to share some of the ways […]

New Traditions and Indigenous Mythology

A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Hart and Willi Paul, Presented by Media [ 1 ] We need new symbols now, called artifacts in the Myth Lab. New symbols as catalysts of change – esp for children. Sharing by humans is connected to a deep care for Nature. Nature shares with us and we practice with each […]

Answering Type’s Critics

Missed the webinar? HERE IT IS! What the MBTI is – and what it is not. Also Answering Type’s Critics – Hile’s handout, summarising the key content.