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Who We Are is How We Move

I’ve just been listening to our most recent ‘In Conversation With‘ interview, when Jean-Luc Dupont (INFP) was talking with BAPT Board member Richard Owen about the ways he had developed to work with type and help clients be clear about who they are. There were so many fascinating new thoughts! In common with many of […]

What use is BAPT membership abroad?

During a chat last week, a friend and fellow Type enthusiast said ‘I’m not in the UK, so I guess there isn’t much point in joining BAPT’. Initially I agreed, but then I got to thinking. It’s possible some of this is unknown to existing members too! The first of two main benefits is reduced […]

Drop In On Our Conversations!

As a Trustee for the British Association for Psychological Type Richard Owen‘s latest project is a series of 30 min webinars, where he will be interviewing various experts and innovators from the Psychological Type community. Richard says: “I always enjoyed radio shows such as ‘A Life Scientific’ and ‘Desert Island Discs’, where we get a […]

New Traditions and Indigenous Mythology

A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Hart and Willi Paul, Presented by Media [ 1 ] We need new symbols now, called artifacts in the Myth Lab. New symbols as catalysts of change – esp for children. Sharing by humans is connected to a deep care for Nature. Nature shares with us and we practice with each […]

Answering Type’s Critics

Missed the webinar? HERE IT IS! What the MBTI is – and what it is not. Also Answering Type’s Critics – Hile’s handout, summarising the key content.  

NorthWest Type has begun!

11 people attended NW-Type’s inaugural meeting held in Manchester (at @madlabuk) on the 20th June 2017. People had a range of experience from a variety of sectors and a common interest: to share experiences of using Type. We began with a ‘check-in’ which helped to locate our practice and to make connections for further follow […]

16 Jan: In Conversation With Jane Kise

16 Jan | 8pm UK | 30 min | Open to all, FREE In this the third installment of our new series of live interviews with leaders in the world of Type, we are pleased to welcome Jane Kise, from Differentiated Coaching in the USA.   Jane Kise     Register Now About the Series In […]

5 Dec: NW Type

NW_Type is a group that meets regularly in central Manchester. It’s for people interested in exploring the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Jungian personality theory. Read here about previous sessions. This is an informal meeting, all are welcome. next date: 5 Dec 2017, 6pm In addition to other discussions, Dave Harrison (Co-Creation) will show how MBTi […]

10 April: Depth Typology Clarification

Tue 10 April| 10:00 – 13:00 | Colmore Row | FREE About the session We’re excited to welcome Richard Owen MSc to speak to us about his Personality Parts™ model, which he has developed to help make John Beebe’s Depth Typology (eight function / eight archetype model) more accessible. It also brings a new paradigm to how […]

12-14 Apr: 2018 Conference

The Conference date has been set (12-14 April 2018) and the venue booked (Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes) and plans are starting to roll. Save the date now, and keep in the loop for more details. Visit the Conference page, where details will be as they are firmed up Join BAPT (rates are low for all, […]

When Personality Type Meets NLP

(By David Hodgson, reprinted from TypeFace Winter 2017) The two models of the world I’ve found most useful in my personal and working life are personality type and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Both help people be better at being people. In my session at the BAPT Conference I’d like to share some of the ways […]

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2018 Conference

(Session proposals received,
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12 – 14 April 2018
Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes
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