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Welcome to our BAPT Events page, where you can find out more information about Type events in the UK or accessible by UK people, and non-profit or discounted for BAPT members.

2018 CONFERENCE DETAILS here as they emerge.
For info on past conferences see our CONFERENCE ARCHIVE here.

APTi ‘Type Luminaries’ series

The Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) invites you to join them for a year-long conversation with some of Type’s most renowned luminaries. APTi is hosting 90-minute talks on the 4th Monday of each month* noon to 2:30 p.m. EST. 2018 schedule* Jan. 22 – Linda Berens: Integration of Multiple Lenses Feb. 26 – Hile Rutledge: […]

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20 Feb: Co-Coaching Campfire

20 Feb | 6-7 pm UK | FREE for BAPT members Do you as a practitioner ever have questions about how to present some aspect of type, or need help clarifying the difference between Ni and Ne for example, or wonder about how Interactions Styles might be able to help your workshop members be more […]

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6 Mar: In Conversation With Dario Nardi

6 Mar | 8pm UK | 40 min | Open to all, FREE In this installment of our series of live interviews with leaders in the world of Type, we are pleased to welcome Dario Nardi, from the USA. What is consciousness? We know how it feels to gain or lose it, such as when […]

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9 Mar: Type and Insights Discovery

4:00 – 6:30 | Webinar | £125 (BAPT members £105) For many of us working with the MBTI Assessment within organizations, we are often asked to compare and contrast psychological type with the Insights Discovery Assessment tool. In this 2.5 hour Webinar we will discuss the origins of both theories, explore how to position each […]

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19 Mar – 8 May: Applications of the Survival Strategies Model

19 Mar – 8 May | Online | 15% Earlybird discount before 28 Feb By Eve Delunas, PhD Author of Survival Games Personalities Play  Each of the four temperaments—the Improviser (SP), Stabilizer (SJ), Theorist (NT), and Catalyst (NF) is prone to utilizing different survival strategies in times of extreme stress. While these defensive behaviors are initially a […]

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20 Mar: Using MBTI to Thrive in Your Career

20 Mar 2018 | 90 minutes | 9:00 am Pacific, 12:00 EST 5:00 pm UK We’re excited to welcome Saundra Stroope to speak to us. In the past she has been one of our conference presenters, but this year she is bringing us a Virtual pre-conference session on our Zoom platform. The ability to thrive […]

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10 April: Depth Typology Clarification

Tue 10 April| 10:00 – 13:00 | Colmore Row | FREE About the session We’re excited to welcome Richard Owen MSc to speak to us about his Personality Parts™ model, which he has developed to help make John Beebe’s Depth Typology (eight function / eight archetype model) more accessible. It also brings a new paradigm to how […]

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12 Apr: Leadership Climate Indicator 360 tool

12 Apr | 9 am – 12 noon (arrive 8:30 am) | pre-conference workshop | £120 special price Preceding the BAPT 2018 conference, JCA Global are offering our delegates an opportunity to become accredited to use their market leading LCI 360 tool, which measures the leadership climate set by individual leaders. It enables leaders to collect feedback […]

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12-14 Apr: 2018 Conference

The Conference date has been set (12-14 April 2018) and the venue booked (Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes) and plans are starting to roll. Save the date now, and keep in the loop for more details. Visit the Conference page, where details will be as they are firmed up Join BAPT (rates are low for all, […]

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15 Apr: On a Conscious Path with Type

An Interactive Workshop to Awaken Your Potential Sunday 15 Apr | 09:00 – 17:30 | £125 for BAPT, £140 for others In 1932, Dr. Carl Jung gave four talks on yoga, an ancient body-mind practice. With the help of symbols, Jungian quotes, and other playful elements from his talks, Dario Nardi will take us on […]

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