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Welcome to our BAPT Events page, where you can find out more information about Type events in the UK or accessible by UK people, and non-profit or discounted for BAPT members.

For details of past conferences including Type for Change 2017 see our CONFERENCE ARCHIVE here.

23-24 Sep: Jung & Indigenous Tribal People

Sat-Sun 23-24 Sep | 10:00 – 18:00 | £69 for weekend | Ealing, London A cross-cultural journey of psychological development. BAPT proudly presents a weekend of stimulating workshops from Dr Jeff G. Hart (USA). These two days will enhance or re-awaken your self-awareness and work with Psychological Type. Explore ideas about lifelong Type development and fascinating […]

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29 Sep: Interaction Styles, Emotional Intelligence and Charisma

Fri 29 Sep| 9:00 – 16:30 | Type Academy | at Team Focus, Maidenhead with Catherine Stothart Emotional Intelligence is viewed as the practice of managing your personality – with a set of skills that can be learned. Interaction Style energy can provide a structure to facilitate this process more effectively. This session will focus on […]

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3 Oct: NW Type – Sharing Strengths

NW_Type is a group that meets regularly in central Manchester. It’s for people interested in exploring the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Jungian personality theory. Read here about our first session. This is an informal meeting. In addition to other discussions, Dave Harrison (Co-Creation) will share some ‘strengths’ experience! Tuesday 3 Oct 6 – 8pm We ask £10 […]

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17 Oct: Depth Typology Intro

Tue 17 Oct| 10:00 – 13:00 | Colmore Row | FREE About the session We’re excited to welcome Richard Owen MSc to speak to us about his Personality Parts™ model, which he has developed to help make John Beebe’s Depth Typology (eight function / eight archetype model) more accessible. It also brings a new paradigm to how […]

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26 Oct: Type Mapping for Experienced Users

26 Oct | 1 day with lunch | Maidenhead | special BAPT price £114 Build on your knowledge of Psychological Type The Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) is a powerful instrument that still uses the familiar 4 letter code but which makes the exploration of Type a considerably richer journey. This course is for people looking to […]

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20-21 Nov: Type and Wellbeing

20-21 Nov | King’s Park,  Northampton | £130 full board You are invited to attend the annual symposium of the Network for Psychological Type and Christian Faith. The aim of the Network’s symposia is to provide opportunities for Christian MBTI practitioners and others interested in the relationship between Jung’s model of psychological type and the […]

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