BAPT 2021 conference

BAPT conference

2021 marks 100 years since Jung published his ground breaking work on personality types.

Planning is afoot for our 2021 conference. As ever, we will be bringing you a great line-up of presenters. In recognition of the ongoing issues with the virus, this will be an on-line conference.

The invitation to present has been responded to in spades! An amazing international line up of type experts. Being online, there is no concern about travel to the UK, and our team have become very good at facilitating online events through Zoom.

15-18 April 2021

We have been inundated with tremendous speaking proposals, which are currently being considered. As they become available, the Programme details, and the Registration pages, will all be posted here. As a taster, our keynote speakers will be:

    • Angelina Bennet  – Do you trust me?
    • Linda BerensTransforming Power of Type for Today & Tomorrow
    • Eve DelunasSpiritual Growth for the Four Temperaments
    • Richard Owen 100 years of misunderstanding: Type and Academia
    • Roger PearmanTen tactics for Type Development
    • Rob ToomeyHow BAPT Can Change the World

For info and resources from past conferences see our CONFERENCE ARCHIVE here.

To keep informed of the timeline for the 2021 conference (when to register, who is speaking, related webinars, etc) –

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are. - Carl Jung

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