8 Oct: Insight into Interaction Styles

Sarah Perrott and Catherine StothartAPECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision) is inviting you to join them for an interactive ‘guest’ webinar hosted by Sarah Perrott, President of BAPT and APECS coach, and sharing with fellow Trustee, Catherine Stothart.

If you are Type trained (MBTI® or other Jungian tools) this is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding and have a new tool using a different lens on Type to apply in your coaching practice.

Clients often come for coaching because they want to improve their skills in collaborating with and influencing their colleagues – they want to develop their emotional intelligence, be more aware of their own impact on others, and better able to respond constructively to other people.

The Interaction Styles framework, related to personality Type, is an accessible and practical tool for self-awareness and awareness of others – it’s a tool for being emotionally intelligent “in the moment”.  It helps clients appreciate their impact on others and gives practical guidance on how to shift their communication to connect with others to get better outcomes for everyone.

Clients love Interaction Styles because they can relate to it easily and can apply it straight away. It’s also immensely helpful for coaches to appreciate when they might need to adapt their own style to connect with their client.

As well as being President of BAPT, Sarah is also an accredited APECS coach. Catherine is a Leadership Coach and Team Facilitator, and the author of How to Get On with Anyone published by Pearson – a guide to using Interaction Styles to improve your work and personal life.


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