Can You Spot It?

Recognizing the Eight Cognitive Processes

Starting 9 Sep weekly for 6 weeks | 6:00pm – 7:30pm, UK time | £200 BAPT members, £250 anyone

About 1 hour of fieldwork each week between sessions

Starting September 9th and finishing on October 14th, 2020

“When I signed up for Can You Spot It? I really had no idea what to expect. Now that I have completed the program I know that it is the single best MBTI educational experience I have ever had. The information provided about the functions combined with the teaching methods made the information come alive; though complex, everything was easy to understand. I would recommend this program to everyone who uses the MBTI in their practice. It was worth every penny!” -Courtney Hanson, Assistant Director Career Services Center

Program Description

Join Vicky Jo Varner, PhD for an exploration of the eight cognitive processes during this interactive six week online course. Vicky Jo will demonstrate the connection between Jung’s theory and the MBTI Instrument and you’ll discover how that knowledge can help you better serve your clients. Experiential exercises are designed to hone your observation skills and increase your awareness of the cognitive processes in use around you.

“Wow! It’s one thing to learn about type in a classroom but to see it and hear it in real life simply makes it come alive. Vicky’s ‘Can You Spot It?’ offers a great way to solidify book learning and become more confident at spotting type in action.”– Jennifer Johnston Crow, Internal Coach, U.S. Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt

Typology professionals and enthusiasts are becoming more familiar with the eight functions of type.  At the APTi 2011 Conference, Vicky Jo’s popular session on coaching with type had attendees clamoring for more about applying the eight functions. Many novices have begun asking for more information to better grasp the cognitive processes, and “Can You Spot It?” provides satisfying answers.

“Vicky Jo, thanks so much for the 6-part class, ‘Can You Spot It?’ It was really a challenge and I learned a lot about the functions. As I dig deeper, it’s clear that type offers a richness that is not at first apparent and I for one am very grateful. Thank you for giving me a shovel and the opportunity to dive in!” – Judy Pulice, CAE, National Athletic Trainers Association

As a psychological type enthusiast, you grasp the basics of C.G. Jung’s theory of psychological types. You already know of the MBTI(R) assessment that can be used as a tool to identify a person’s preferences. These preferences indicate which cognitive processes an individual prefers. Yet, as many Jungians have observed, recognizing and confirming these processes is difficult.

This structured virtual workshop sharpens your ability to spot the processes in action by guiding you through six sessions of interactive webinars. You can enjoy this jam-packed six hour program that will rocket your type knowledge further than you can dream!


About the Instructor

Dr Vicky Jo Varner
Dr Vicky Jo Varner

Vicky Jo Varner, PhD, is a MBTI Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained by the highly-respected Coaches Training Institute. She gained her PhD in Depth Psychology (with an emphasis on Jungian and Archetypal studies) from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She regularly presents sessions on various aspects of depth psychology and psychological types at international conferences. Find out more about her by visiting her website:

Registration Information

Dates: September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm BST
Cost: £200 for BAPT Members / £250 for Non-Members
Space Limit: 12 participants

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