2 Apr: Priming the Alchemy of Opposites

2 Apr | 14:00 – 17:00 UK time | £50 | ONLINE

How can we overcome one-sidedness and integrate opposing functions into our lives? For example, what might Introverted Feeling with extraverted Thinking look like when we use them in an integrated way on a daily basis?

Jung described the tension of opposites as a source of energy and means to growth. But what does this process and its fruits look like in practice? Sometimes, just having examples and hearing from others can make the journey easier.

In this session, we review type-specific ways to identify, foster, and transform tensions in healthy, rewarding ways. Specifically, we draw on Linda Berens’ “tandem dynamics”, John Beebe’s “spine of the personality”, Steve Myers’ conception of the Transcendent function, and the “wisdom of the 6th function” by yours truly. Time permitting, we will briefly explore how to bring light to deep shadow areas. This workshop focuses on reflection and sharing, and attendees will receive professional hand-outs to use in their own workshops.

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About the day

The price is £50 per person. Because in-person gatherings are restricted due to Coronavirus, this workshop is now taking place ONLINE. Please fill one form for each person attending.

There will be a short refreshment break during the workshop.

Registered participants will be sent a link to access the event and you will be given further information by email, ahead of time. All who register will also be sent a link to the recorded session, to review any time.

Register Now for 2 Apr

About Dario Nardi

Dario NardiDario Nardi, PhD is an internationally renowned researcher, speaker, and instructor in neuroscience, personality, and education. He was certified in type in 1994 and has authored many books including ‘Neuroscience of Personality’, ‘8 Keys to Self-Leadership, ‘Jung on Yoga’, and ’16 Personality Types: Descriptions for Self-Discovery’.

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