Type & Faith Symposium

18-19 Nov | Noddfa, Penmaenmawr | £120 full board

Focusing your dominant function–orientations

Focusing on our Cognitive Functions, with Leslie J Francis and Richard OwenThe Symposium this year will enable us to work on the function-orientations. Our two presenters are Richard Owen and Leslie J. Francis. Workshops and discussions on function-orientations will be facilitated by Graham Osborne, Adam Stevenson and Leslie J. Francis.

The symposium will begin with registration between 12pm and 12.30pm on Monday, 18 November and will finish by 3pm on Tuesday, 19 November 2018. The cost of this year’s Symposium is £120, payable in full on booking.

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About our speakers

Richard Owen
Richard Owen

Richard has been studying personality type and Jungian psychology for over 10 years. He is a certified MBTI® Step I and Step II practitioner and a board member of the British Association for Psychological Type. He is a qualified coach and the founder of Personality Parts, a course of unique half-day workshops in London and Brighton. His input will be on the John Beebe model developing function-orientations.

Leslie J Francis
Leslie J Francis

Leslie is an Anglican priest and Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Leslie will apply the Beebe model to Christian leadership, drawing on his new book, Personality, religion and leadership: The spiritual dimensions of psychological type theory.

About the Type and Faith symposium

This is the annual symposium of the Network for Psychological Type and Christian Faith. The aim of the Network’s symposia is to provide opportunities for Christian MBTI practitioners and others interested in the relationship between Jung’s model of psychological type and the Christian faith to network together and to exchange ideas. We involve both researchers and practitioners.

The Network was set up by the Revd. Canon Professor Leslie J. Francis, Professor of Religions and Education at the University of Warwick who is known for his extensive research in relation to psychological type and various aspects of faith.



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