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14 Apr: Type Motivators and Saboteurs

Sun 14 Apr | 9:00 to 4:00 | £99 including lunch & refreshments

“The Angels and Demons on your Shoulders”

What motivates you? Type, popularised by the MBTI®, describes many of the positive motivators that drive our careers, relationships, and passions. However, we develop other habits of mind to meet our needs for independence, acceptance and security.  Known as “saboteurs,” we go to those same drivers for efficiency and to get our needs met. When we do this, we can become our own worst enemies. Add stress to the mix and the results aren’t pretty.

And what happens when people with different “saboteurs” interact? Along the way, we can set off other people, especially if we are at odds with each other. Working with the vocabulary of the saboteurs framework adds richness to our understanding of how type opposites clash when they see the world differently, and provides practical pathways to more productive encounters. In this workshop, you will:

  • Work with a new tool, the Saboteur Assessment, developed by Shirzad Chamine, chairman of The Coaches Training Institute—a tool participants can use with clients
  • Discuss research on the connections between type preferences and saboteurs
  • Through large and small-group exercises, as well as individual reflection, apply learning about saboteurs to your relationships and your personal effectiveness

Bolster your Sage — your ability to grow from the inevitable periods of stress that life brings. To book a place on this workshop, email Jane Kise directly.

About Dr Jane Kise

Dr Jane Kise

Dr Jane Kise

Jane (INFJ) is an organisational consultant and author of over 20 books, many of them on practical applications of psychological type in education, spirituality, and executive coaching. A past president of APTi, her current interests include using type to enhance employee effectiveness and engagement, and school leadership development, especially for women.

About the Venue

This one-day workshop is at Kents Hill Park, on Sunday 14 April, following our BAPT 2019 conference (11 – 13 April) where Jane will be speaking. When you arrive at Reception, ask for directions to the workshop. To book a room overnight, contact +44 (0)1494 866 811.

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