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18 Jun: Type Mapping for Experienced Users

18 June | 1 day with lunch | Maidenhead | special conference price 50% off

Build on your knowledge of Psychological Type

Type MappingThe Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) is a powerful instrument that still uses the familiar 4 letter code but which makes the exploration of Type a considerably richer journey. This course is for people looking to extend their use of Type. Qualify to use the Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI), Managing Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i) and Ideal Task Profile Questionnaire (ITPQ). (See the following articles for more information.)

What is Type Mapping? | Course synopsis | Team Building in 21st C

Normal price £474 inc VAT. Special BAPT price £237.00 inc VAT, for the first day, for people who book from the BAPT conference. Includes lunch.
>> Contact Linda Paxton to find out more or to book a place on the course.

NOTE: If you have done the Type Mapping course before, you are very welcome to come along for a refresher at no cost.

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