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Mating, Dating & Relating
A webinar with Susan Nash
on 27th September

Our excellent annual conference - The New Normal - has now ended. If you registered you can still access the conference website with your existing login details.

Understanding Personality Type

At home and in business, deeper personal insight, clearer perception and understanding of how we can all work best together are just scratching the surface of what this fascinating topic can afford.

And an extensive collection of cutting-edge Type resources – all at your fingertips online. So whether you’re already a practitioner, or taking your first deeper look into the captivating world of Psychological Type, discover the excellent benefits of supporting BAPT and join up today!



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What's On


Type Centenary Symposium

The 12 speakers in our symposium aim to define more clearly what psychological type is about and how it can be supported in terms of the wider psychology literature. Free access.

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The study of Psychological Type opens astonishing possibilities for our professional and private lives, offering practical guidance for living better.

BAPT (The British Association for Psychological Type) brings all of this under one banner.

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