Type Labels

or, A Critical Psychology of Psychic Processes BY DAVID POOL In 1934, Carl Jung penned a new foreword to his book, Psychological Types, for the publication of the Argentine edition of the book. He opened his foreword by acknowledging that “No book that makes an essentially new contribution to knowledge enjoys the privilege of being …

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Happy Types

BY DAVID HODGSON I’ve always been attracted to the positive end of psychology. I don’t share my daughter’s fascination with fly-on-the-wall documentaries hunkered down in prisons, police stations and courts. Even Broadchurch only appealed to me when there were sweeping atmospheric shots of the Dorset coastline, which thankfully appeared every few minutes. My bar for …

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How BAPT Can Change the World

BY ROB TOOMEY  Thinking back 20 years, it is hard to imagine that we would witness the recent explosion of mainstream interest in the topic of personality type. Sites like 16personalities.com and truity.com have millions of users each month seeking to learn basic principles of the Jung/Myers framework. 16personalities alone has had more than 344 …

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Overcoming One-Sidedness

BY DARIO NARDI As we arrive at the one-hundred year anniversary of C.G. Jung’s book, Psychological Types, we might wonder what’s in it beyond the singly famous Chapter 10 that covers eight functional types. One key theme that pops out is the problem of one-sidedness, both in one’s self and in society. Each of the …

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