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Older Webinars (see YouTube for recent)

Intentionally Correct Coaching, by Dr Jane Kise. Jane presented this webinar on 10 March 2016, introducing the concepts of her Intentional Leadership programme.  Use (case-sensitive) password ILCoach. Intentionally Correct Coaching by Dr Jane Kise
The Type Trilogy, by Susan Nash (EM-Power). The Type Trilogy Card set and Guidebook was written by Susan Nash and Sue Blair, designed and launched in 2013. This is a card deck to help coach using the three lenses of type: temperament, Interaction Style and Cognitive processes. Whether you have the cards, or if you simply want to know more about the cards; their applications and benefits, please join us on this Webinar. Associated PDF also here. The Type Trilogy
Behind the four-letter code, by Susan Nash (EM-Power). This is a video of Susans session at the 2015 BAPT conference, and helps clarify the difference between the dichotomies (the superficial way of getting at Type) and Jungian function-attitudes which are where the real understanding begins. Behind the Four Letter Code, Susan Nash
Manage your Energy, Not Your Time, by Susan Nash (EM-Power). A Free webinar from BAPT in Sep 2014, and revisiting the content of Susan’s session of the same name at the 2014 BAPT conference. ManageEnergy
How Types Perceive Time, John Hacket & Ingrid Manning (OPP). A quick look at the research material John and Ingrid presented at the 2014 BAPT conference.(Tip: Click on the bottom right corner of the embedded presentation to open full screen.)  
How to run a webinar Tim King gives us a run-down of how to run a webinar session, using ‘GoToMeeting’ (and this webinar) as an example platform. A useful introduction, and plenty here to refer back to when you need to do your own. Download webinar from here    Slides only here

Other materials

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