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3 Nov: Type and Academia

3 Nov | 8pm UK | Open to all, FREE BAPT In Conversation with Dr Aqualus Gordon Join BAPT Treasurer Richard Owen for a conversation about Aqualus’ life and experience in this field (the intersection of psychology, identity and culture, with a speciality in human sexuality and male psychology), and about some of the issues …

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How safe are you?

How psychological type relates to cybersecurity by John Hackston It’s very likely that you are reading this article online. Maybe you are at home, maybe you are in an office, maybe you are reading this in a hotel lobby, or a coffee shop or an airport lounge… but how secure are you? How vulnerable are …

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Invoking the Inferior Function

by Sue Blair If you are reading this article you are probably fascinated by Type. I’ve been studying Type for nearly 20 years and I’m not bored yet. It just seems incredible to me that the patterns of the human mind have been recognised and observed for decades and yet the level of general public …

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