About Typeface

Typeface, the quarterly magazine of the British Association for Psychological Type

TypeFace‘ is the quarterly magazine of BAPT and includes articles and news covering a wide variety of topics related to MBTI® and other personality type instruments. This is a key benefit of BAPT membership.

Regular features include theoretical articles written by UK and international experts; articles relating to the application of type in different areas (Careers & Occupations, Diversity & Multicultural Issues, Education Learning & Development, Management & Organisational Development, Psychotherapy & Counselling, and Religion & Spirituality).

There are also reports of recent type-related conferences and workshops; an article outlining new developments in Research; book and film reviews, and more light-hearted items such as ‘Guess the type of the celebrity/politician’, etc. For more information, have a read of the Editor’s article:

The Development of TypeFace

Here is an example article by Hile Rutledge in the September 2014 issue of TypeFace

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