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What is BAPT?

BAPT promotes the understanding of, knowledge about and use of Jungian psychological type systems (personality type), such as MBTI and related theories.

Every day, across the world, people strive to discover just what it is that makes them who they are – why they act, think and feel in certain ways… and why others may be different.

At BAPT, we want to help them do exactly that.

Originally formed in 1989, the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting knowledge of Jungian psychological type systems – mainly the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

As the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market, the MBTI instrument offers a wealth of applications in both personal and professional awareness and development – giving all of us remarkable insight into our own personalities, and those of others. BAPT is interested in the many related Type systems as well, which have a common theoretical basis and the same breadth of applications.

BAPT aims to provide a forum for practitioners and enthusiasts of psychological type systems – from HR professionals to self-employed coaches, students and people with a simple interest in Type – to come together to discuss, promote and enjoy exploration of the endlessly compelling world of type theory.

Through conferences, regional meetings, events, webinars, workshops, ongoing publications and resource archiving, BAPT encourages lively debate in a friendly, cooperative atmosphere where members can enjoy sharing their journey and growth within this stimulating subject.

Read more about how BAPT grew from its initial roots here: The History of BAPT

and learn about the benefits of becoming a member here.

The British Association for Psychological Type is a registered charity, number 1045 772.
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Active regional groups

If you are involved with a Type group not mentioned here, please get in touch and let us know.

The BAPT Board of Trustees

All of our trustees are volunteers. If you’d like to help in any capacity, please have a look at our Volunteering page, and contact us.

Sarah Perrott, President of BAPT

Sarah Perrott

President & Chair of the Board
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 Catherine Stothart

Catherine Stothart

Membership & Board Secretary
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Social Media Marketing

Richard Owen

Richard Owen

Director of Finance
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Susan Nash, BAPT Conference and Events

Susan Nash

Director of Events

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Christine Rigden, Webmaster

Christine Rigden


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Other roles in or aligned with BAPT

Gill Clack, Editor of TypeFace

Gill Clack

Editor for TypeFace

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Nancy Silcox, TypeFace assistant editor

Nancy Silcox

Assistant Editor for TypeFace

Ruth Pickles

Midlands MBTI Group

Charles Worth, Midlands MBTI group

Charles Worth

Midlands MBTI Group
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Marion Syms

Myers-Briggs Follow Up Group (Southern Region)
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 Karen West, Southern Group link

Karen West

Myers-Briggs Follow Up Group (Southern Region)
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Ian Jenner, North West Type

Ian Jenner

North-West Type
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 Robin Hills, North West Type

Robin Hills

North-West Type
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