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Information about Personality types onlineAre you fairly new to understanding Type? There are many good places you can go to buy books, or to get recommendations. If you look at Amazon and search for 'Personality Type' you will get dozens of *pages* of results. Of course, not all are equally helpful, or knowlegeable! So here are a few shorter lists, to get you started.

For detailed online descriptions of the 16 Personality Types, try:

Psychology Junkie (Susan Storm) is an excellent and very active blog with great information, both light-hearted and in-depth.

Typology Central is a non-commercial wiki and forum site with over 25k members internationally. They have discussions, videos, profiles and questionnaires.

The Type Academy has a great deal of information about Type, Temperament, Interaction Styles, and Cognitive Processes, and how they work together and complement each other. You can also buy books, some of which are hard to get in the UK.

Radiance House has apps, workbooks and books relating to Type, and is the main place to find Dario Nardi's and Linda Berens' books. These are in the US, so keep in mind for postage.

If you are already qualified, The MyersBriggs Company and CAPT offer resources and training for practitioners, and also do the qualifying training.

You Are The Difference, by Dick Otter

You Are the Difference: Application of Jungian theory in education, by Dick Otter.

How do you get the best out of all your pupils? Type can tell you about your pupils, and also about yourself as a teacher. If you understand where their behaviour comes from, you can offer your pupils what they need most. £11.50 each + postage, please email tech@bapt.org.uk

Shadows Of Type, by Angelina Bennet

The Shadows of Type, by Angelina Bennet.

The ‘Shadows of Type’ model combines Type with ego development theory. This leads to detailed descriptions of the 16 psychological types through seven levels of ego development. Using the suggested coaching techniques and applications, individuals can gain more insight into how they are using their type and the traps that they can fall into.£9.72 available from Amazon,
£3.95 in PDF version

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