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Bargar, Bargar & Cano Discovering Learning Preferences and Learning Difference in the Classroom CAPT 1994
Baron, R Opposites Attract: How to Use the Secrets of Personality Type to Create a Love that Lasts HarperOne 2011
Bayne, R The MBTI® – A Critical Review and Practical Guide Chapman & Hall 1995
Bayne, R Ideas and Evidence: Critical Reflections on MBTI® Theory & Practice CAPT 2005
Bayne, Rowan & Parkes, Carol Getting Old: A Positive and Practical Approach Routledge 2021
Beebe, John Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type: The reservoir of consciousness Routledge 2016
Beebe, J & Falzeder, E (Eds) The Question of Psychological Types: The Correspondence of C G Jung and Hans Schmidt-Guisan Princeton University Press 2013
Benfari, R Changing your Management Style Lexington Books 1995
Bennet, A The Shadows of Type: Psychological Type through Seven Levels of Development Lulu 2010
Berens, L V Interaction Essentials: 3 Keys to Effective Relationships in the Workplace and Beyond Radiance House 2011
Briggs Myers, I & Myers, P B Gifts Differing CPP 1980
Briggs Myers, I & McCaulley, M H MBTI® Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the MBTI® CPP 1985
Brue, Suzanne The 8 Colors of Fitness Oakledge Press 2008
Bryden, B Sundial: Theoretical Relationships between Psychological Type, Talent and Disease CAPT 2005
Cain, S Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t stop talking Penguin Books 2013
Card, C N Discover the Power of Introversion Type and Temperament Press 1993
Carr, S Type Clarification: Finding the Fit OPP 1997
Cauvin, Pierre & Cailloux, Genevieve Becoming Who You Are with the Intelligence of Self Balbao Press 2016
Connellan, Terri Wholeheartedness: Self-Leadership for Women in Transition The Kind Press 2021
Corlett, J G & Pearson, C S Mapping the Organizational Psyche CAPT 2003
Craig, C The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence Big Thinking 2003
Demarest, L Out of Time CAPT 2001
Demarest, L Looking at Type in the Workplace CAPT 1997
Dupont, JL Vous Êtes Unique, Vos Interlocuteurs Aussi! (French Language) 2018
Fields, M & Reid, J Shape up your Program CAPT 1999
DiTiberio, J K & Jenson, G H Writing and Personality Davies-Black Publishing 1995
Giannini, J L Compass of the Soul CAPT 2004
Ginn, C W Families: Using Type to Enhance Mutual Understanding CAPT 1995
Ginn, C W (Ed) Leadership, Type & Culture CAPT 2001
Grant, R D The Way of the Cross 1989
Harbaugh, G L Pastor as Person Augsburg Publishing House 1984
Harbaugh, G L God’s Gifted People Augsburg Publishing House 1990
Hardy Jones, J & Sherman, R G Intimacy & Type: Building Enduring Relationships by Embracing Personality Differences (2 copies) CAPT 1997 & 2011
Hennessy, S Thinking Cop, Feeling Cop CAPT 1999
Hirsh, S K Work it Out – Clues for Solving People Problems at Work Davies-Black 1996
Hirsh, S K & Kise, J A G Looking at Type and Spirituality CAPT 1997
Hodgson, D Personality in the Classroom Crown House Publishing 2012
Hunziker, Mark Depth Typology: C G Jung, Isabel Myers, John Beebe and The Guide Map to Becoming Who We Are Write Way Publishing 2016
Hyde, M & McGuiness, M Introducing Jung Tien Wah Press, Ltd. 2004
Johnson, R Your Personality and the Spiritual Life CAPT 1999
Jurd, Neil The Leadership Book: A Step by Step Guide to Excellent Leadership Mr Gresty 2020
Keirsey, D & Bates, M Please Understand Me Prometheus Nemesis Book Company 1984
Kise, J A G Intentional Leadership – Twelve Lenses for Focussing Strengths, Managing Weaknesses and Achieving your Purpose Triple Nickel Press 2013
Kroeger, O & Thuesen, J Type Talk Delta 1988
Kroeger, O & Thuesen, J Type Talk at Work Dell 1992
Kumar, A Personal, Academic & Career Development in Higher Education: SOARing to Success Routledge 2007
Kummerow, J M New Directions in Career Planning and the Workplace Davies-Black Publishing 1991
Kummerow, J M, Barger, N J & Kirby, L K Work Types Warner Books 1997
Lawrence, G D People Types and Tiger Stripes (3rd Edition) CAPT 1996
Lawrence, G D Looking at Type and Learning Styles CAPT 1997
Lawrence, G D People Types and Tiger Stripes (4th Edition) CAPT 2009
Lawrence, G D Finding the Zone: A Whole New Way to Maximise Mental Potential Prometheus Books, NY. 2010
Leggett, R Personality Types – The Psychology of the Enneagram Neptune Publishing 2005
Lewis, R Developing Inner Leadership: A Pathway to Wholeness E-Mediate Books Ltd 2014
Lewis, R Personal Excellence: Using Jung Typology in Everyday Life BAPT 1988
Maddocks, J Emotional Intelligence @ Work: How to Make Change Stick Spa House Publishing 2014
Malone, P The Same as Christ Jesus: Gospel and Type St Paul’s 2000
Malone, P The Type and the Movie Book: Personality through the Lens of Cinema Inkshed Press Pty. Ltd. 2012
Martin, C Looking at Type and Careers CAPT 1995
McCaulley, M H Remembrances CAPT 2003
McGuinness, J Growing Spiritually with the Myers Briggs Model SPCK 2009
McGuiness, M You’ve Got Personality Mary Mac Books 2004
Meier, C A Personality: the Individuation Process Daimon 1995
Mitchell, W D MBTI® Step II CPP 1997
Millner, N B Creative Aging Davies-Black 1998
Moore, A Father, Son and Healing Ghosts CAPT 2000
Murphy, E The Developing Child Davies-Black 1992
Murray, W D & Murray, R R When ENFP and INFJ Interact Murray & Murray 1987
Murray, W D & Murray, R R Opposites: When ENFP and ISTJ Interact Murray & Murray 1988
Myers, K D & Kirby, L K Introduction to Type Dynamics and Development CPP 1994
Myers, S Myers-Briggs Typology and Jungian Individuation Routledge 2018
Nardi, D Character and Personality Type: Discovering your Uniqueness for Career and Relationship Success Telos Publications 1999
Nardi, D Neuroscience and Personality: Brain Savvy Insights for all Types of People Radiance House 2011
Nash, S Dating, Mating & Relating Pathways 2000
Nash, S Flawless Facilitation: Learn to Maximize Engagement and Retention for All EM-Power Inc 2019
Nash, S Turning Team Work Inside Out Davies-Black Publishing 1999
Nash, S Turning Team Work Inside Out: Field-Book Davies-Black Publishing 2003
Nash, S Contextual Coaching – Your Guide to Coaching to Potential by Enhancing Overall Capabilities Em-Power (UK) Ltd. 2011
Osborne, G Be a Better Leader SPCK 2015
Oswald, R M & Kroeger, O Personality Type and Religious Leadership The Alban Institute 1992
Otter, D You are the Difference: Application of Jungian Theory in Education Lefconsult 2013
Payne, D & VanSant, S Great Minds Don’t Think Alike CAPT 2009
Pearman, R R Hard Wired Leadership Davies-Black 1998
Pearson, C S & Marr, H K What Story are you Living? A Workbook and Guide to Interpreting Results from the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator CAPT 2007
Pelley, J W & Dalley, B K Success Types for Medical Students: A Program for Improving Academic Performance Texas Tech University 1997
Provost, J A Work, Play and Type CAPT 2001
Provost, J A & Anchors, S Using the MBTI® Instruments in Colleges and Universities CAPT 2003
Quenk, N L Beside Ourselves: Our Hidden Personality CPP 1993
Quenk, N L In the Grip: Our Hidden Personality CPP 1996
Read, M Your Cast of Characters – A Guide to Leadership Development Read Communications 2014
Saunders, F W Katherine & Isabel: Mother’s Light, Daughter’s Journey CPP 1991
Stice, J E Developing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities Jossey-Bass, Inc. 1987
Stothart, C How to Get on with Anyone Pearson Business 2018
Thorburn, D Drinks, Drugs & Debits Galt Publishing 2000
Titi, Nōnen The Music of Life: Playing with Natural Talents Nōnen Títi 2011
Titi, Nōnen The Music of Life: Concerto for Mankind Nōnen Títi 2011
Titi, Nōnen The Music of Life: Homological Composition Nōnen Títi 2017
Trompenaars, F & Hampden-Turner,C Riding the Waves of Culture McGraw-Hill 1998
Thompson, T C Most Excellent Differences: Essay on Using Type in the Composition Classroom CAPT 1996
VanSant, S S Wired for Conflict: The Role of Personality in Resolving Differences CAPT 2003
Ward-Nanney, D Powder Dreams Mud Season Publishing 2011
Whitmont, E C The Symbolic Quest Princeton University Press 1978
Wyman, P Three Keys to Self-Understanding CAPT 2001
Zeisset, C The Art of Dialogue CAPT 2006
Zeisset, R M Statistics & Measurement: An Introduction (4th Ed.) CAPT 2010


The Journey: 4th National Conference AAPT 1998


Conversation with Isabel Myers CAPT


The Hamburger by Otto Kroeger BAPT 2006


MBTI® Introduction Otto Kroeger Associates 2004


Journal of Psychological Type (formerly Research in Psychological Type) 7-60 1984-2002
(Later issues available on-line from and select ‘research’)
Research in Psychological Type (now JPT – see above) 2-6 1979-1983
Australian Psychological Type Review (AusAPT’s journal – now available as download on BAPT web site) 5(3) 2003
Bulletin of Psychological Type (APT International’s journal) 3(6) to present (early issues in storage) 1993 to present
TypeFace (BAPT’s journal) 3(9) to present (early issues in storage) 1993 to present


APT International Conferences Colorado 1989
Richmond 1991
Newport Beach 1993
Kansas City 1995
Boston 1997
Arizona 1999
CAPT Proceedings Florida 1994
Florida 1996
Washington 1997
Hawaii 1998
Florida 1998
MBTI® & Leadership – An International Research Conference Maryland 1994
Mind, Body & Personality Atlanta 1997
Florida 1999
Psychological Type and Culture – East and West (organised by Ray Moody) Hawaii 1995

Updated 24 May 2022

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