Personality Guides Diversity

By Mary Anne Sutherland Currently type-related articles, internet posts, Chapter groups and type practitioners are asking the following question “Is there a correlation between certain types and a cognitive processing issue or a learning disability?” For example it is often asked if ESTP’s may be diagnosed more often with ADHD than other types or if …

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What’s New in Type (3)

by Ray Moody, Mina Barimany, and Mark Majors(Read the first article and the second article in this series) How much energy does each of the eight mental processes get? Jung observed that we use all eight. He found that the Dominant gets the most, the Auxiliary was second, and the Inferior got the least. That …

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What’s New in Type? (pt 2) Ray Moody et al

What’s New in Type? (pt 2)

by Ray Moody, Mark Majors, and Mina Barimany(Read the first article and the third article in this series) David Hume found the ancients’ moral and natural philosophy “entirely hypothetical, & depending more upon Invention than Experience.”[1] Apparently, little has changed. One of the assumptions type experts have incorporated into their publications and presentations is the idea …

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