Dating, Mating and Relating

Dating, Mating and Relating

Date 6th October 2022 – 6pm UK time: Susan Nash

Fact: Divorce rates are rising. Fact: Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.

Creating successful personal relationships can be a challenge for individuals in today’s busy world. The premise of Dating, Mating and Relating is that we can use our knowledge of type and temperament as a framework for understanding how we view the world and how our partner might approach the same situations differently. By comprehending human differences, we can diagnose potential issues, depersonalize possible conflicts and identify strategies to communicate more effectively with each other.

In this interactive, fun session, participants will be introduced to the three stages in successful relationships: Dating, Mating and Relating. Against this backdrop we will then describe the four temperaments and begin to build an understanding of the strengths and challenges each brings to and faces in relationships. Participants will leave with a heightened appreciation for all four temperaments, a broader perspective of type differences and straightforward tools to communicate more positively in relationships with those who are different to us.

Susan Nash is an international expert in business applications of Type and Temperament. Author of 11 books, she specializes in helping organizations achieve better business results by capitalizing on individual personality differences. Susan combines practical business management experience with strong facilitation skills to make applying Type in organizations and in home life fun and relevant to all.

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