Reflection & a Time to Nourish Our Roots

by Ann O’Sullivan and Sally Ann Campbell

At the 25th Anniversary of BAPT, of which we are two founder members, we spoke of the danger of the limb falling off the tree, as a metaphor for the importance of nurturing and developing ourselves through our own inner journeys especially when using The Myers Briggs Type Indicator™. Now that it appears it is being driven by finance, and short, sharp interventions, it is important to take stock.

Back in 1993 Angelo Spoto talked at the 4th BAPT Annual Conference “What Jung would be saying about Type and does it even matter?” We felt it did and, as a result, in 1995 and 1996 Angelo ran three workshops at Emmaus House in Bristol  on Jung and the wider work we need to do for ourselves and, equally importantly, as a society in which we worked and lived, in organisations, community and family.

Now, there is a more urgent task, as the tree roots in those very same places have been so weakened this magnificent tree may die. We now may face the future without that very tree which gave us the opportunity to develop this BAPT community and help many individuals to help themselves discover their richness and purpose through self-development. Our society has changed; it is not just ego development, narcissistic driven, instant gratification and selfishness but the lack of inner journeys, the spiritual recognition of our own archetypes. We must ask ourselves, what masks do we wear? Why is there so much anger directed at each other? Where is self-reflection?

In an exploration we will look first at the world of today, and how the tree and Jung’s influence on MBTI™ has been weakened by consumerism, financial gain, individualism and selfies. We will pose some questions about Jung, our own archetypes and how we need to reconnect to the natural world and our own ecosystems. What is the meaning of gender consciousness in a world where the masculine archetype has been in ascendency? Men and women are increasingly polarised. A great deal of unconscious material comes to life with the masculine and feminine. The shadow is always there. What gives you life comes out of the depths.

Does typology come out as patriarchal consciousness? MBTI™ can be used as a power trick, a team of horses “out of control”. Jung said the world hangs by a thread and we spend a lot of time in denial and projection. If we carry too much archetypal energy it may attract destruction.

So for our present time of division, projection, denial and anger, this session will be about reflection, about self, about our own archetypes. We are called to steward anything coming into consciousness.

“Individuation does not shut one out from the world,
but gathers the world to oneself”
— Jung in “On the nature of the Psyche”

About the Authors

Ann OSullivanAnn O’Sullivan (ENTP) has pioneered the application of the MBTI® methodology in the UK from 1979 as an aid for people on their life’s journey of human and spiritual development. The work, to re-capture the original values of the Indicator, has taken her to many countries and a broad diversity of audiences. Email:

Sally Ann CampbellSally Campbell (ENTP) trained as a scientist and worked as a marine ecologist at the edge of the sea with complex systems. Later, she developed an enquiring interest and professional involvement in the dynamics of family and organisations. This led to her own self development, type, BAPT, qualifying trainer and APT British international representative. Her main focus is in complexity, and individual development, exploring interaction of social, environmental science and psychological systems. Email:

[Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels]

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