What use is BAPT membership abroad?

During a chat a while ago, a friend and fellow Type enthusiast online said ‘I’m not in the UK, so I guess there isn’t much point in joining BAPT’. Initially I agreed, but then I got to thinking that actually there is plenty of point. It’s possible some of this is unknown to existing members too!

The first of two main benefits is reduced cost for our annual conference – which, if you are coming from abroad (as over 30% of delegates & speakers do) may seem a trivial reduction but means that membership pays for itself. We also give the same discount to you if you are a member of any of the other Associations for Psychological Type – APTi in the US, AusAPT in Australia, and  EUAPT in Europe, so don’t imagine you would have to join multiple organisations.

There is such a wealth of learning from the different perspectives around the world, and the conversations over meals are just as fascinating as the presentations. If you contribute as a Presenter, there is an even greater discount – we take proposals each year during October and November. (Take a peek at 2017, also our Archive for previous years.)

TypeFace Autumn 2017The other main benefit is of course TypeFace, our quarterly magazine of articles and items of interest to the Type community. Regular columns include Education Learning & Development, Careers & Occupations, Theory & Research, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Religion & Spirituality, Diversity & Multicultural Issues, and Management & Organisational Development. There are also guest articles from time to time (get in touch if you are interested in contributing!). And a sprinkling of quotes, cartoons, and lighter looks at Type. (We also take quarter, half, or full-page ads)

TypeFace is sent to all members electronically, inclusive in the cost of membership (£45 per year, or £30 for Student/Retired – a Bargain!). However, if you would really prefer a print copy, that’s available for an extra £20 per year even if you live abroad.

But actually, there is more to it than just these two benefits, great as they are. We are also committed to a programme of webinars and other events. For example, last year we had a 2-day workshop with John Beebe in London. The 6 videos of this event are available to members who were not able to come. We also now video the plenary sessions for the annual conference, which includes familiar names like Dario Nardi, Jane Kise, and Susan Nash, and which are available on our YouTube channel.

In Conversation webinar series, BAPTWe have just had a monthly series of interviews on webinar of people in the Type world (since 2018), called ‘In Conversation With…’. We host other webinars too, through the year and on a wide range of topics. (If you would be interested to share something on webinar, let us know!)

We have also recently set up pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook where we would welcome your contributions and shares. LinkedIn also hosts a BAPT discussion group among the many Type-related groups there.

As you may or may not know, the British Association for Psychological Type is a non profit organisation, and we exist to promote understanding and proper use of psychological type as well as develop links between people and organisation involved in Type.

Our Board of Trustees are all volunteers, as is the TypeFace Editor and those who organise webinars and other events, run the local groups and co-ordinate the columns in TypeFace. Our e-news and our web site are all done in-house also – we have no paid staff. We are careful with your money in all day-to-day expenses, and aim to ensure the conference is good value for the 2.5 days and breaks even.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to fulfill our charitable aims, and in 2019 are offering free conference places to current students.

If you are interested in Type, in continuing learning about it and in connecting with other Type users, please join us!

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