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Type-Coach have kindly allowed BAPT to feature their 16 Type Descriptions on our site.

And take a look at their Type Verifier – A different way to discover type.

“TypeCoach would like to offer complementary access to the Verifier program for BAPT members.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please e-mail Rob Toomey, President of TypeCoach at rob@type-coach.com

Discover Your Personality Type . . .

The TypeCoach Verifier helps you determine your “best fit” Personality Type through a highly interactive online system featuring videos, animations and a coach who walks you through the 20-minute process of learning about your type.

downloadable report is provided which includes the following:

  • The Top 10 words that best describe your type
  • What you most need to thrive in your work environment
  • The Top 10 statements most true of your type over any other type
  • The Top 5 most typical strengths of your type
  • The Top 5 most typical challenge areas of your type
  • The Top 10 actions your type can take to become more balanced
  • Stress triggers for your type
  • How your type most typically behaves under extreme stress
  • Stress solutions for your type


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