Linking the Type community

Are you our Type? Volunteer with BAPT

Are you our Type? Volunteer with BAPTBAPT is a small charity, and run entirely by volunteers. From the Board of Trustees, to webinar presenters, newsletter writers and journalists, everyone here dedicates their time on a non-profit basis. That’s why, to continue our work, we rely on help from people like you.

We have various positions and possibilities, at all levels of the organisation, available for enthusiastic volunteers. These include things such as:

  • Preparing and sending our eNews newsletter
  • Keeping our social media channels operational and updated
  • Leading workshops or webinars
  • Reporting on regional group meetings
  • Ensuring the events list on our website is kept up to date
  • Contributing written articles to our TypeFace publication
  • Selecting sample articles from TypeFace for our website

… and more!

If you’d like to join our group of eager, friendly volunteers in their quest to keep the Type community connected, then we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in our contact form or email and let’s get talking.


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