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Who We Are is How We Move

I’ve just been listening to our most recent ‘In Conversation With‘ interview, when Jean-Luc Dupont (INFP) was talking with BAPT Board member Richard Owen about the ways he had developed to work with type and help clients be clear about who they are. There were so many fascinating new thoughts!

In common with many of our BAPT members, Jean-Luc includes Interaction Styles, the Eight Function model (with associated Archetypes) and Temperament to support clarification of an individual’s type and develop an in-depth understanding of self.

Dec 5 interview with Jen-Luc DupontBut the exciting new angle he has integrated into his work is Action Type theory, where how a person moves can help reveal their natural type preferences. Knowing a person’s type can even be used by sports coaches to help an individual work with (rather than against) their best way of moving.

One observation he has made is when working on motivation, for Sensing types “it’s not the Why that they want, but the How.” And Action Type helps to reveal a person’s ‘deep motivations’.

Jean-Luc told a story of one client who came to him believing she was ISFJ. He used Action Type and many questions, and she was definitely INFP but to survive in her family she had adopted an ISFJ persona. She has raised her family to be dependant on her Fe (5th function) which now in mid-life makes her angry (Inferior Te).

An SF needs to throw a ball differently from an ST, to be effectiveAnother client (also ISFJ) who was a professional baseball player was getting worse at his game over the previous 18 months. It turns out a new coach was getting him to throw the ball in a way that was right for an ST (with the arms wide from the body), but wrong for the SF client (who needs to throw with arms close to the body) and leading to his worsening performance.

He then spoke of the relevance of ‘Deep Motivations’ (visible through Action Type) – the ‘intentions’ we have compared to the ‘preferences’ we have. Very interesting balance to the physical observations. He also made some observations about the differences between how Sensing types walk compared to Intuitives, and how one can see these differences when watching politicians.

In his process when he works with someone, Jean-Luc does eight or ten assessments using his range of tools, but it takes only five or ten minutes and has a very high ‘best fit’ result. He feels that the ‘Deep Motivations’ insights are the greatest gift of this approach.

It’s really exciting to know that Jean-Luc will be presenting on this area as one of our main speakers at the BAPT conference in April.

People were on the webinar from all over the world. This conversation was so interesting, and went a little over the intended 30 minutes, but if you’d like to hear it for yourself watch the interview here.

Our next Conversation is with Jane Kise, who is a leading writer and speaker in Type.

Jean-Luc Dupont

Jean-Luc Dupont

About Jean-Luc Dupont – Jean-Luc discovered Action Type to help his son become a professional race driver. Ever since then Jean-Luc has developed a practice of helping people find their true type and Deep Motivations by using the Action Type testing protocol and combining it with type, temperaments, interaction styles and archetypes for a wonderful discovery journey.
Jean-Luc lives and works in Belgium and in Montreal which helps him daily to discover the insights that type can give into cultural differences.

About ‘In Conversation With..’ – In our answer to the BBC Radio 4 programme, ‘A Life Scientific’, BAPT board member Richard Owen interviews experts, innovators and leading figures from the world of personality psychology. Hear stories, experiences, thoughts and opinions on current topics in Psychological Type – where is it now and where is it going?

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