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Pearls of Wisdom, BAPT 30th Anniversary Conference (banner)


Registering for #BAPT2019

Registering for BAPT 2019

“Pearls of Wisdom” (#pearlsofwisdom) was the 30th annual conference for the British Association for Psychological Type, and was extra amazing! Interested individuals and practitioners were welcomed from the UK and abroad, members of BAPT, APTi, AusAPT and non-members as well. Some speakers have shared their handouts or other resources, which are available below.

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Speaker Handouts

These handouts are a PDF of the slides unless otherwise stated. Any videos are on our YouTube channel.


Lunch in the dining room at BAPT2019

Lunch in the dining room

Trustees and Founding members

Trustees and Founding members

One of the keynote sessions

One of the keynote sessions


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