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2018 Conference

2018 Conference for the British Association for Psychological Type

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Our next conference is open for booking!
Thursday 12 April to Saturday 14 April 2018, Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes.

The cost for the 2.5 days has been held level for 3 years running! And this is enormously good value for the entire conference with your room and all meals included. Milton Keynes is close to London by train, and the site has a swimming pool and gym, with miles of paths for walking and running nearby.


APT Members who share a room and book before 7 Mar get a £50 discount each.

Dario Nardi is offering his individual brain imaging sessions at the conference. Only 10 sessions, first come first served. (See calendar) £160 to APT members


The BAPT 2018 Conference rates

Rates held from 2016 + 2017!! Earlybird Members Standard Rate
Residential rates: £435 £495
Full conference, Days only: £270 £320
Single day: £150 £195

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Join BAPT for the discounted rates. The £60 saving is well worth the £45 membership, quite apart from quarterly TypeFace!