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Earlier conference programmes

We do not have complete records before 2014, but the programmes below will give you a flavour of what has gone on in other years.

BAPT conference 2011, Hile Rutledge as keynote speaker
BAPT conference 2011, Hile Rutledge as keynote speaker

2013 at High Leigh – Theme: ‘Type for Life’, Keynote Speaker: Sharon Richmond

2012 at Covent Garden – Keynote speaker: Dr Danielle Poirier

2011 at Harben House – Theme: ‘The Dynamics of Type’, Keynote Speaker: Hile Rutledge

2010 at Harben House – Keynote speaker: Eve Delunas

2009 at Harben House – Keynote speaker: Pat Wyman

2008 in Copenhagen (with EAPT) – Keynote speakers: Elizabeth Murphy, Linda Berens

2002 at Leamington Spa – Keynote speakers: Carol Pearson, Betsy Kendal


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